I thought it would be nice to expand upon my 'about me' page for my first journal post.

This year, I quit my full-time job as a school social worker, got married, adopted a stray cat, reignited my photography business, and found myself back in a career I swore I’d never do again, at the school of my dreams. It has been a ride, one I am so grateful for. 

In this phase of life, I am learning how to fill all of my buckets in a way that feels real and true to me. I got married to the coolest person I know on June 11th of this year. We live in Northeast Minneapolis with our 2 dogs (Arthur & Otis), and previously mentioned cat (Frankie). I love to boulder at MBP, take pictures (lol), and cook, I really freaking love to cook. I had this whole vision during the pandemic of starting a YouTube channel with my own cooking videos (very original I know) and I was going to go viral...I'm also very easily distracted and often find myself daydreaming about how I can turn all of my weird hobbies into careers.

Enough about me…if any of this nonsense leads you to think we would work well together, I’d love for you to reach out!*



*Did I just write a dating profile?

a lil show-and-tell of my cute husband & these magnificent furry creatures :)