Hi, I am Hannah Pettersen Solum.

It's me! I'm back! You may notice that my business name changed...Solum Studios, formerly Hannah Pettersen Photography. I got married! New name, but same me:)

My dad brought me to get my first DSLR camera when I was 14 years old, I am now almost 30 and have yet to put a camera down. I am a big feeling person (enneagram 4 & a pisces for those who are into that stuff). Photography to me is an art form used to capture moments in time, freeze memories that make you feel something every time you look at them.

I learned photography in the dark room. Manually navigating different forms of film in order to capture an emotion. Red lights, chemicals, & the anticipation as you wait for a roll of film or dripping image to dry. My goal as a lifestyle portrait photographer is to go back to the basics. It is my goal to help my clients release the pressure of getting the "perfect photo", because nothing in life is perfect- and how cool is that? I want to capture the mundane, the core memories and all of the moments in between in a way that words could never properly describe.